At OM IV Hydration & Wellness Center

We proudly offer integrative health services in St. Joseph, Michigan, and throughout Berrien County. We specialize in holistic therapies and products that enable you to achieve an optimal state of wellness. We are dedicated to creating comprehensive, insightful and tailor made treatments specifically for you. WE ARE YOUR TRUSTED PARTNER ON YOUR WELLNESS JOURNEY.

Why Choose Us?

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We bring years of expertise that has been developed both professionally and personally with our own wellness practices. Owner Jamie Murphy has been working as a Nurse since 1990 and brings a wealth of experience. She’s known for her diverse professional roles, ability to motivate people, positive attitude and inspiring personal story.

Our approach treats the whole person so all systems work cohesively together in order to facilitate well-being for optimal health. Using alternative healthcare practices that blend with western medicine, an integrative health approach provides treatment to the whole person, holistically, versus treating one symptom at a time. This means we get to root causes and provide specific solutions.

Our Services and Products

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IV Hydration Solutions

Intravenous hydration has been around since the 1970’s providing a treatment method that delivers essential hydration, vitamins, and nutrients directly to your bloodstream. Depending on the blend, IV hydration can yield a wide range of health benefits including improved athletic performance, immunity reinforcement, increased energy, and much more.

Choose from our drip menu which includes:

Aches & Pains Drip

Performance Drip

Immunity Drip

Replenish Drip

Slimming Drip

Integrity Blend

NAD Drip

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Medical Massage Therapy

Experience the healing power of massage with our medical massage therapy services delivered by a licensed healthcare professional. From improved physical health to improved mental well-being, our massage services help you achieve a state of balance and harmony. Rejuvenate yourself with massage therapy.

Young beautiful Asian woman relaxing in the Oil spa massage

Health Coaching

We partner with you to achieve your unique wellness goals through personalized health coaching services. We address habits that are negatively impacting your health by implementing simple changes that are achievable. Our focus is to empower you so that you feel inspired and able to make significant life-enhancing changes.

Kangen Water Ionizer

Our bodies need adequate hydration to flush toxins and boost immune system function. Sadly not all drinking water is high quality. Acidic drinking water is not easily absorbed into your cells, which can leave you bloated and feeling dehydrated. We’re proud to partner with Kangen Water ionizers to provide you with vibrant water. Water that has been  electrolyzed-reduced (ERW) has been suggested to reduce oxidative stress and improve antioxidant potential.

Health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

~ B.K.S. Iyengar